Client Testimonials





Richard Koester
January 2, 2023

With all the scams going around I was a bit skeptical when I received your offer in the mail about Tax Solutions so I asked around and my realtor said he had received one also so I gave it a try. Thank God, there are still honest people in the world who do things like this to help people. My sincere thanks for all your help.

Chuck & Genine Hopkins
February 10, 2022

We checked this company out with several sources and had several conversations with Lisa at the company.  We decided to go ahead and try it out in November and kind of forgot about it until we got a phone call from Lisa two days ago stating they were successful and we would be receiving a four figure check from them after their fee.  Are you kidding? WOW! Today we received a check from them as promised along with a copy of the check from the state.  Our grateful appreciation to Transfer Tax Solutions.  God bless you.  Great going.

Ron Elliott and Leslie Larkins
March 2021

Just received a check for over a thousand dollars for money we had no clue we were eligible for. Pretty good return for filling out a piece of paper a month ago! Thanks again!

Darrell Meade
From Google Reviews

I received a letter from Transfer Tax solutions about a home I sold two years ago. After providing Lisa with some minimal information and e-signing a couple documents, she was able to recover over $2,000 in taxes for us.

Tami Bealert
From Google Reviews

Thank you Lisa for contacting me regarding a transfer tax refund from the state of Michigan. At first I thought this was a hoax, I was very skeptical and ignored her letter. Then when I received a second letter, it was then I decided to call and investigate. Much to my surprise Lisa answered the phone and explained out the details regarding my qualifications for a refund. She was very professional, friendly and kind. It only took about 3 weeks to get FREE money (tax free) I never knew I had coming! Thank you Lisa!

Joydeep Mitra
From Google Reviews

These folks are authentic, competent, courteous and professional. They were the second legal firm that contacted me saying they could get me a refund. The first looked at my documentation and said it was not sufficient to claim a refund. Lisa Engle used the same documentation and got me the refund. Thanks Lisa!

Panteles Mellos
From Google Reviews

Received a too good to be true letter, but it was true. I tried getting the paperwork together myself and found it was well worth the fee to let Lisa take care of it. Thanks for excellent service.

Alex Nikiforuk
From Google Reviews

I was skeptical at first, but If you received a letter from Transfer Tax Solutions, do not throw it away. I received the letter, gave them a call, and have received the refund. Very easy and worth the call. I am giving them 5 stars.

A Valle
From Google Reviews

I was skeptical at first and almost put it off for too long! Lisa and her staff made the process very simple and it went much quicker than I thought it would. Many thanks for getting my money back to me. I highly recommend this service.

Gary Blackford
From Google Reviews

Lisa is very professional and does an excellent job managing the process to get the tax refund. I just needed to sign a couple of documents (electronically and remotely), and Lisa did the rest. I received the check very quickly, and Lisa called to let me know it was on the way.

Jason Helmes
From Google Reviews

Sold our house in 2018. Got a letter from these guys 2 years later, claiming we overpaid in taxes and they could help us recover them. Seemed like a scam. Let the letter sit for 2 weeks. Finally called... NOT A SCAM! A month later we had a check for $1500! Granted, they took a third, but who cares? It’s way better than nothing! Call them today if you got one of their letters!

Chris McNally
From Google Reviews

Lisa and Jeff were wonderful to work with and very personable. They worked hard with Michigan to ensure I got my money, and were even about to go as so far to have a conference call with the relocation company that moved me to ensure they sent the right document in time. Probably the best part is how I was able to send my information and forget about it. I had all confidence that Lisa and Jeff were on top of things and would reach out to me to keep me updated or to ask for further information if needed. If Google rated companies like IMDb (with ten stars), they would get all ten stars.

Michelle Rusk
From Google Reviews

This was by far the easiest $1000 I've ever made! Well worth the time it took to email a couple of documents and sign a few forms. They do all of the work! So happy I didn't throw the letter away!

Michael Rende
From Google Reviews

It was truly like finding money! I was skeptical and ignored several mailed solicitations but decided that I had nothing to lose so I finally contacted Lisa's firm. Low and behold, I received a check in the mail (that I never really expected to get) for just over $2,200. As I said, it was "found" money that arrived just in time for the year end holidays. Thank you, Transfer Tax Solutions.

Kasia Allen
From Google Reviews

This company is absolutely great! I was a little skeptical at first but after I talked with Ms Lisa, who explained the whole process to me, I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was. I did get my check and all my praise goes to Ms Lisa for her honesty, professional and knowledgeable approach as well as kindnesses, compassion and understanding. I wish there was more business owners who care about their customers like she does! I will be always grateful for the great service!

Rebecca Akers
From Google Reviews

Do not throw away that letter! Had a wonderful experience. Was skeptical at first, but then read the reviews. After talking to Lisa and her research staff, it was apparent they knew what they were doing. They patiently answered all my questions and made the process easy. Received a check about 4 weeks later just like they said I should.

Alec Rogers
From Google Reviews

I'd received numerous letters from various companies promising me refunds on the sale of an old family home in Michigan, and never thought much about them. Finally I decided to give the Transfer Tax Solutions a try. They explained the process and quickly obtained a four figure refund for me at a reasonable, fee based commission. There was never any risk to me. If you get a letter from them, I'd highly recommend giving them a call.

Craig L. Moore, Massachusetts
September 2020

When I was first contacted, I thought “this is too good to be true.” I put the letter aside and never followed up for several months. Then I called and Lisa explained the program, took our information, and a short time later we received a check for almost $2,000. This was a really nice! If you are skeptical about this service, don’t be. It is the real deal and the people are very helpful and easy to work with. It takes little time and really pays off! Thank you…

Kathy Kreslins
June 2020

Wow was I surprised when Lisa Engle contacted me about a probable tax refund! Lisa clearly explained what Transfer Tax Solutions was about and how I could benefit from the house I sold in Comstock Park almost 4 years ago. Her questions were non-invasive and she made the whole process easy for me. Lisa just called with the good news that my check for over $1500 was on its way to me. signed Happy Customer Kathy

Bobby Herrera
From Google Reviews

I received a letter in the mail-thought to myself "too easy and good to be true"- well about four weeks later I have my check and I would say it was well worth the fifteen minute phone call! Do not try to do this yourself when they do it quick easy and affordable with no mistakes. Very Pleased Robert H.

Diana B.
From Google Reviews

NOT A SCAM. Transfer Tax Solutions gets your money back in your pocket. We didn't even know we had money to get back! It's an easy process and they are all very professional and timely. GREAT work, Lisa.

Patrick A. Moran
July 2020

I received a series of polite solicitation letters.  Without those solicitation letters, I would have missed the opportunity. I finally responded and learned that the Statute of Limitations on my sale was about to expire.  I only spent 15 minutes on the phone with them and I netted $5,725 after the deduction of fees. I could not be more delighted.  Transfer Tax Solutions is honest, polite, straightforward, and knowledgeable.  I recommend them without reservation.

Curt Nienhuis
From Google Reviews

Transfer Tax Solutions recently secured a refund of more than $2800 from the State of Michigan for a Transfer Tax over payment at the time of the sale of our home in West Michigan. The process was seamless. Transfer Tax Solutions was very professional to deal with and completed the process in the time frame predicted. We are very pleased with the outcome.

Naum Popovski
From Google Reviews

I am very happy Lisa and her Staff reached out to me in regards to transfer tax recovery. I was skeptical when the letter arrived and let it sit around . I ended up calling the last day that was indicated on the letter, and Lisa and her team finalized and completed all my paperwork quickly to ensure i receive my refund. I received $1,749.00 and strongly recommend calling Lisa and her team for assistance. They are very professional and easy to work with. My experience with transfer tax solutions was great!!!

Mardella Alexander
June 2020

I am thrilled that Transfer Tax Solutions continued sending me notices because I did not believe I had a refund due from the state. I finally called them and was pleasantly surprised that indeed I qualified for a refund. They are the most professional and courteous people I have had the good fortune to work with to  handle this matter. Their fee was straight up and I didn’t have a problem with what they were entitled to receive. I am happy they did not give up on me and I received a nice sum for myself that I would never have had. This is a fine reputable company and I am happy they exist.

Brian Jurries
From Google Reviews

Transfer Tax Solutions and Lisa were wonderful. Very professional, courteous. Lisa was able to get us over $1,100 back from the transfer taxes of the sale of our home in 2017. So that you know that this is for real, a picture of the check is included here. Thank you Lisa!

Joseph Hebeka
From Google Reviews

Had a great experience with them! I was honestly skeptical when I first got a letter in the mail. I let the letter sit around for a few weeks and finally ended up calling. They were super professional from the beginning and it was of no risk to me. The process was simple and I received my check in the mail as promised. The fee they charge? Who cares? If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t have even known I had money owed to me. Thanks again Lisa!

Key Han
May 2020

I got a check of $1,475 from the Transfer Tax Solutions today. This is the money I have never expected and probably never would have gotten without the help of the Transfer Tax Solutions. I would like to thank you, Lisa, for your work and your help. Job well done!